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28.04.2014 - Remix of Farao's "The Hours"
... I just finished a remix of Farao's beautiful song "The Hours". Spend an ear or two on it on Soundcloud:

Don't miss to check Farao's website and music here:
23.09.2013 - No news are good news!
... ok, that doesn't fit if you should be one of the few who expect to get some new Soehngen/Soehngenetic stuff to their ears soon. But I really enjoyed this summer with some sailing action and many nice working related projects. Maybe autumn and winter will bring some spare time for new music. But truly... I'm not sure yet. ;)
01.08.2013 - Herr Soehngen remixed Moddi's "Architekt"
... because I adore Moddis album "Set the house on fire" and got the chance to download some stems for remixing, I decided to do my own version of his "Architekt":

Maybe you also want to check his website and music. Do so here:
19.03.2013 - Riddim Republic remix (dub version) of Blackfish's & MC Santana's "How Long" out now
... I did a remix / redub of the track mentioned above as "Riddim Republic" in late 2012. Now it's released on the "How Long" EP of Blackfish & MC Santana on Blackfish Productions. Available from all major and minor download stores:

You also can give it a listen at my Soundcloud page: Dub on! ;)
04.01.2013 - Me remixed Nadjana's "Tourist"
... this aren't real "news", because I already finished and uploaded the mix a few weeks ago. You can listen to it at my Soundcloud page, that exists for years now, even if I didn't use it in the past:
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